About Adam

Adam Fong

Adam Fong is a composer, performer, and producer of new music. His compositions have been performed internationally in Auckland, London, Berlin, Tübingen and Darmstadt, at many US universities, and throughout California, by performers including the two-piano team Dennis Russell Davies and Maki Namekawa.

Adam completed his MFA in Music Composition at California Institute of the Arts, where he studied with James Tenney and Wadada Leo Smith. As Associate Director of Other Minds (2006–2012), he produced six editions of the annual Other Minds Festival, dubbed the “premier new music festival on the West Coast” (Los Angeles Times), and many special projects including the CD reissues of Conlon Nancarrow’s Studies for Player Piano and The Complete Music of Carl Ruggles, tribute concerts to Ruth Crawford Seeger, Henry Cowell, and Dane Rudhyar, a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Fluxus, and the American Premiere of 18 Microtonal Ragas based on “Solo for Voice 58″ by John Cage.

Adam is also an active cultural entrepreneur. In 2008, he co-founded Emerging Arts Professionals/San Francisco Bay Area, a network dedicated to the development and growth of next generation arts and culture workers; he was Chair of Business Development in 2010-11 and Director from 2011-14. In 2012, he co-founded the Center for New Music, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering contemporary music’s growth by giving practicing artists access to opportunities and resources, including the Center’s street-level mixed workspace/concert space in San Francisco.

Adam also holds a master’s degree from Stanford University (English). He has lectured on experimental music and received international publication of his scholarly and creative work, and serves on advisory boards, panels, and committees at the local and national level. He is currently a member of the Emerging Leaders Council of Americans for the Arts, and Chair of the Funding Advisory Committee for the City of Oakland Cultural Funding Program.